Eva Wieprecht, MBA

Director of the International Virginia Satir Institute of Germany

12-day  Generative Systemic Satir Model Certification Program

Bucharest, Romania 2021

Overall mission: „Peace within, peace between, peace among.” - Virginia Satir

Generative Systemic Satir Model – A transformational process towards Healing, Congruence and Wholeness


The 12-day Generative Systemic Satir Model Certification Program is for practicing coaches, therapists and for other helping professionals who are presently working with clients as well as people interested in personal growth. 

The focus of the program is the Satir Model as to bring about transformational change. 

The approach is applicable for individuals and groups. 

The program will provide hands-on skill development and growth opportunities. Virginia Satir created a number of healing and integrating processes to help make sense of ourselves and each other. Her objectives were personal growth and congruent communication, helping individuals to become “more fully human”. This involves appreciating our past and the resources we developed as we grew up.

The Satir Model processes allow us to fully access and express the resources we wish to utilize, and to let go of or transform learnings that are no longer fit for us. Therefore we will ask participants to work with their own three generational family- of-origin maps to increase personal learning opportunities in applying the satir model. The experiential processes provided by the training program give participants the opportunity to have both personal and professional growth.

About Virginia Satir

Virginia Satir (1916-1988) was an internationally known therapist (referred to by many as "the pioneer of family therapy"), teacher, and author. Her books Peoplemaking and Conjoint Family Therapy are two of the central texts of humanistic psychology. Virginia was universally acknowledeged as one oft he most powerful and effective therapists oft he century. Throughout a career spanning some forty-five years, she developed systemic ways of helping people grow and change. Satir held high hopes and great enthusiasm for the ability of the human spirit to make this world a better place to live. Her vision was to help empower people to reach their full potential.


The course leader will utilize lecturettes, small group discussions, exercises, demonstrations, experiential learning and skill practice sessions as part of the program. Satir processes incorporate psychodrama, gestalt, guided imagery, sculpting communication stances, and methods of accessing the unconscious. Work is done in groups and in triads.

The training will be held in English with Romanian translation.

After a full participation in the program and a final short project presentation/assessment you will be certified as a Satir Model Practitioner through the International Virginia Satir Institute of Germany.


  • Gain clarity about your Self and your many parts
  • Gain deeper understandings and acceptance of yourself and others
  • Learn to be self-responsible
  • Let go of learnings that no longer fit
  • Take risks in exploring new ways of living
  • Experience a freer flow of your life force
  • Promote Congruence
  • Raise Self esteem
  • Be your own Choice maker
  • Become Responsible
  • Become congruent
  • Raise self esteem
  • Get a clear sense of self worth
  • Become self responsible in any situation
  • Be your real choice maker
  • Wake up out of the automatics and habitual responses and create that window where you can Choose between reacting and responding (Crash vs. Coach)
  • Implement mindfulness approach  in relationship, as well as communication and leadership

Module 1 – Relationships

Module 2 – Communication

Module 3 – Leadership

If you choose to do the whole program, you will have the chance to experience and explore every tool that was introduced by Virginia  Satir in the Satir approach. – you will have learned hands on tools and practices building positive relationships.

Module 1

Relationships: Developing Generative & Mindful Relationships


14th - 17th of January 2021


Bucharest, TBD
& ONLINE via Zoom


  • You will gain awareness and gain experience and practical knowledge on:
  • Interactional space – “ the in between” of people communicating and interacting with one another – the fascinating space, unseen, in between space
  • focus attention on the exciting impossible grab & touch space of people interacting with each other
  • The meeting point of how we develop a quality of the relationship
  • Systemic elements – the larger system
  • More understanding about your own risk, but also the possibilities, the meeting point and your own impact within the systemic weaving
  • Increase the quality of your relationships
  • Smile – Because positive relationships are the sweet juices of life
  • Increase the quality of your relationships – all spectrum of relationships – all walks of life: Family, spouse, coworkers, colleagues, bosses, etc.
  • Tools & Models developed by V.Satir that will help you to have a step-by-step understanding about the space

Lens: Relationships

The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our life.

- Eva Wieprecht


  • A greater understanding about own capacities and own impact in relationships
  • Practical explorations of all different relationships of all walks of life
  • Better understanding of how to support positive relationships

Module 2

Communication: Developing Generative & Mindful Communication


15th - 18th of April 2021


Bucharest, TBD
& ONLINE via Zoom

Lens: Communication

Communication is to relationship what breath is to life

- Virginia Satir

Intra-personal focus

  • The quality of your external communication is determined by the quality of your internal conversation.
  • Focus on understanding your internal communication process more deeply so that you  can create a choice of how skillfully you can communicate to the outside, including knowing who you are in the communication and who the other is
  • Consider the relationship you are in 
  • Skillful communication so that you can more deeply understand your own levels of communication
  • Mirror of the capacity of your external communication
  • Hands on tools to help you to focus your attention in order to skillfully communicate to the outside

Internal - Mirror to the external

  • Steer the communication in a positive direction
  • Inter-personal inter-relational way of communicating to the outside     


  • Internal experiences and then bring it out more and more congruent
  • Having communication tools and a structure that helps you design and organise a positive direction of communication
  • Learn how to update and choose a communication style maybe different to your learned communication
  • Choose to consciously use what you learned, because it has been helpful, because your family of origin is your first university for learning communication

Module 3

Developing Generative & Mindful Leadership


21st - 24th of October 2021


Bucharest, TBD
& ONLINE via Zoom


  • Take the lead of your own life
  • Own levels of congruences
  • Learn deeply about your inner leader quality to congruently project it out to the outside, fitting the context (trainer, coach, leader of a company,etc.)

Lens: your own role as a leader


  • I know who I am and I choose what kind of leader I want to be, knowing how I want to present myself as a leader.
  • We promote the leader’s use of the self – how you can become a model to lead the way
  • „You are your greatest message.”  = The generative mindful use of the self

Eva Wieprecht, MBA

Director of the International Virginia Satir Institute of Germany

  • Certified  Satir Trainer in the Enriching Program –based on the teachings of Virginia Satir-, by Sharon Loeschen
  • Trainer and Teamleader in Virginia Satir´s Human Validation Model
  • Certified Hypnosystemic Coach and Consultant – Germany, Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg, Dr. Gunther Schmidt
  • Extensively trained in Generative Trance work and Selfrelations Psychotherapy with Dr. Stephen Gilligan
  • Trainer in the Generative Coaching Program developed by Dr. Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts
  • Certified NLP Coach and Master Trainer – California, UCSC-NLPU, Trained by Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, Suzie Smith, Michael Colgrass, Sid Jacobs
  • Certified NLP Trainer, DVNLP, Germany
  • MBA (University of Cologne, Germany)
    international consultant, trainer and systemic business coach with a Management and Systemic Process Coaching expertise in family owned businesses


Registration per Module*

Module 1


January, 14th-17th 2021


If you register until 31.10.2020


If you register after 31.10.2020

Module 2


April, 15th-18th 2021


If you register until 31.12.2020


If you register after 31.12.2020

Module 3


October, 21st-24th 2021


If you register until 28.02.2021


If you register after 28.02.2021

In order to register for the 12-day certification program (Modules 1, 2 & 3), and to discover the advantages of our referral plan, please email us at contact@avvaperformance.com.

*Installments available by request


You will learn:

  • to make contact and build rapport with yourself and others
  • understand and incorporate the basic therapeutic belief system of the Satir Model
  • identify clients’ communication and coping patterns 
  • prepare clients’ family of origin maps and surface dysfunctional personal and family dynamics 
  • sculpt relationships among family members and bring automatic copings into awareness 
  • help clients access, accept and utilize their internal strengths and resources 
  • transform family rules 
  • help clients raise their self-esteem and increase their choice-making possibilities
  • map the internal processes of clients and help them access and change their behaviours, feelings, perceptions and expectations 
  • help clients reduce the impact of past events and negative experiences 
  • help clients integrate and maintain their changes 


Voices about Eva and the Program

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Cancellation Policy

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Please note that you are still liable for the cost of the event if you do not attend on the day.

  • Cancellation 3 months or more before the event – Full refund
  • Cancellation up to 2 months before the event – a refund of 50% will be given
  • Cancellation less than 14 days before the event – No refund

If you have any questions regarding each individual Module and The Generative Systemic Satir Model Certification Program, please let us know. You can either call us directly on +40 721.264.319 (Alina Mărgineanu) or you can email at contact@avvaperformance.com.

Also, in order to register for the 12-day certification program (Modules 1, 2 & 3), and to discover the advantages of our referral plan, please email us at contact@avvaperformance.com.