Eva Wieprecht, MBA

Director of the International Virginia Satir Institute of Germany


Has a master degree of Business, majored in Organizational Design and Social Psychology and graduated from University of Cologne in Germany. 

Is a certified Hypnosystemic Coach, by the Milton Erickson Institute of Heidelberg where she also teaches the Generative Systemic Satir Model Approach. 

Eva is not only a recognized leader and developer in the family systems/therapy and ericksonian filed but also a pioneer in the field of family owned companies in the facility management-service industry. She ran a 2500 people company and has become the foremost known systemic coach, educator and facilitator in the industry for personal and professional development.


  • She is the training director of the International Virginia Satir Institute of Germany (affiliate of the Satir Global Network),
  • She is also the director of the IAGC Germany and has been invited as the first female full trainer on the trainer Team of Dr. Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts certification trainings in Generative Change work,
  • She currently offer numerous trainings around the globe in China, US, Uruguay, Novosibirsk, Russia, Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Holland, Austria, Germany that integrates Somatic Centered and Movement approaches and the Satir Model approach, with Ericksonian Hypnosis.
  • She served as leader/assistant trainer for Dr. Stephen Gilligan’s workshops in Germany, US, Spain, Russia, Spain, Brazil, Holland, Italy, Austria.
  • Her publications range from articles in numerous magazines to articles for the Satir International Journal and recently contributed a chapter on the newly published Book by Dr. Gerhard Roth with the book title “Integrative Coaching and Counseling Practice”.
  • She is known as a presenter at the Satir Global Network Conference, the M.E.G. (Milton Erickson Gesellschaft) Congress in Bad Kissingen (2018-2020), as well as the Erickson Congress in Phoenix Arizona.


Since 2010 she has been the founder and training director of the International Virginia Satir Institute (with Dr. Gunther Schmidt, Dr. Stephen Gilligan, Judith De Lozier, Robert Dilts and Dr. Patricia Nowack on the advisory board) where she and her  international education team developed:

  • The Generative Systemic Satir Model Program – practitioner level and master practitioner level,
  • The Hero’s Journey Program,
  • Somatic Movement Integration Practice and
  • Topic related programs (generative relationships, generative leadership, generative communication to name a few).

The Institute has devoted it´s work to the original teachings of the mother of family therapy Virginia Satir and the continuation of the developments into the next generation. This work has led to an integrative, systemic approach that connects the wisdom of the original teachings of Satir’s approach with somatic movement work, hypno-systemic approach and the generative change work over the past decade.


I've known Eva for some years now. She started out as a student of mine and moved into doing assisting at a number of workshops and more recently we've been doing together a lot of generative collaboration and she does great work. She really is an amazing person who has something really special to contribute and so, I just really want to encourage you to check out her work and experience the benefits of it.

I really want to acknowledge and honour Eva. She's done all of her training to our NLPU (NLP University) - from practitioner, master practitioner, trainer, master trainer - and she is a person that I completely trust. Eva is also working together as a trainer with me and Steve Gilligan in our work Generative Coaching. I know that she will give the very best of herself to that work and any training, any experience that you have will be of the top quality, of the best standards. I just want to say how much I recommend the Virginia Satir Institute, how much I recommend Eva Wieprecht .
It's something that I think will hopefully change your life as it has mine and many others.

Virginia Satir was one of the primary models in NLP and she is the mother of systemic thinking and systemic constellations, and I really, really want to support this Institute. I want to support Virginia Satir Institute and Eva as the director of the Institute in Germany. I highly recommend that you check out these amazing, amazing seminars that are happening because it's expanding the work of Virginia Satir, holding true to her values, holding true to her ideas, but expanding the work and bringing more and more and more to the field. Thank you so much.

12-day Generative Systemic Satir Model Certification Program

Bucharest, Romania 2020-2021

Module 1

Developing Generative & Mindful Relationships

Module 2

Developing Generative & Mindful Communication

Module 3

Developing Generative & Mindful Leadership